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Estate planning attorneys

There are a few reasons why it makes sense to hire an estate planning attorney. One is the amount of assets the deceased may have had. These further increases if they owned a business at the time of their death. Another is that if there are children in the family an estate planning attorney will take that into account. The assets a child will receive in the future may be forgotten during the process if an attorney is not involved. The issue of a child receiving assets when they reach adulthood is a serious one that must be handled properly.

Estate planning attorneys are experts who give legal advice on estate and planning matters. Below are the primary roles of estate planning attorneys.

  • To help in drafting legal documents, including trusts and wills.
  • To arrange the transfer of property from an individual to the beneficiaries and heirs.
  • To give professional advice on how to reduce fees or taxes imposed on a property.
  • To draft a power of attorney, a legal document that authorizes one individual to manage the affair of the property.
  • To handle matters concerning life insurance and retirement plans.

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