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Family Law with Granholm & Gynac LLC

Family law is a complex and often frustrating topic for normal people. In this side of the law, many people seek help from the first firm they come across—and if this is the first one you’ve come across, you’re in luck. Ms. Granholm and Mr. Gynac have a combined legal experience of over 20 years in family law, while their team knows the ins and outs of professional counsel and attention to detail. Here are just some of the subjects they practice in family law:


When you think of family law, do you think about adoptions? Most people don’t. But actually, there is a lot of complexities that go into adoptions. Choosing to work with Granholm & Gynac guarantees that the process is as smooth as it can be. Our lawyers have experience in helping with all kinds of adoptions, including:

Private adoptions, where the biological parents give the child to the adoptive parents directly, usually at birth

Agency adoptions, where the entire process is overseen by a third party

Related adoptions, where the minor is adopted by a blood relative

Contested adoptions, where one or more of the parents refuses to comply with the adoption process

Child Custody

If you find yourself in the midst of a child custody case, Granholm & Gynac is also there to help. Child custody is different than other areas of the country, as Illinois laws are weighted. That means that in the case of children custody, there is one parent who will take the majority of control for the child’s life and upbringing. This can become problematic for those parents who are divisive. Working with skilled lawyers can guarantee that your family’s unique needs are met, and any sort of special concerns are taken care of. Navigating the court system in this state can be tricky and sometimes harsh when done incorrectly—let us help you along the way.


Divorce is a harsh aspect of our lives, for those of us going through it, there may be relief, but more commonly divorce brings emotional pain. In the wake of turmoil, you may find yourself lost in the paperwork and feeling more incapable than ever to find your way through it. Granholm & Gynac will help you. Our lawyers will be with you every step of the way and will do all that they can to get you the best possible settlement. And if there is something special to you that needs to be fought over, they are more than capable of fighting for the goal. Everything from dividing assets to allocation of parental responsibilities, we are here to help.

Minor Child Guardianships

Guardianship for minors is a tiring and long process when one party doesn’t want to cooperate. The process can become longer and worse when the minor themselves is old enough to understand what is happening around them. Choose Granholm & Gynac for your guardianship cases. We understand the hardships of these situations and work with a focus on the needs for the minor and speed. We can help in a lot of these situations, including those which have temporary guardianships, standby guardianships, and we even help in terminating a guardian.


Establishing your link to a child it critical. If you want to claim a child as yours, the easiest way to do that is through a paternity test, while the fastest way to be absolved of child support is by paternity tests too. These tests are time sensitive in some cases and their timey return will make all the difference to your bank account. We can help you in all of the legal steps of many of the paternity issues in family law. From voluntary acknowledgement of paternity, or administrative paternity orders, to an order of paternity set down by a judge. We will fight to protect you from any unfair burdens, while also showing empathy for whatever the situation may be for your unique case.

Meet Granholm & Gynac for More

If you need help in the family law area, make sure to seek out Granholm & Gynac. Our office operates with you in mind; we want to get you the best results for whatever your case is. For more information on other areas of family law that our lawyers’ practice, visit our family law page. And for helpful insights and articles about family law in Illinois, explore our specialized blogs. They’ve been created with you and accessibility in mind.

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